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Serious legal situations? You need answers. Now.
Experienced Mediator, Arbitrator & Trial Lawyer Michael Welsh can help.

Are you facing a serious legal situation? Have you been injured or in an automobile accident? Are you facing marital breakdown, separation or divorce? Or having problems with maintenance payments, child custody or access under a divorce settlement? Are you facing criminal or impaired driving charges?

These are all situations where you need answers and it is important for you to have the facts about what you are facing, what your options are and where you stand. It's also important for you consider all your options.

One solution to a number of legal problems that many British Columbians are choosing is mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Michael Welsh is an accredited mediator, in addition to being a trial lawyer, who has sucessfully employed mediation for clients.

We do not charge for an initial consultation on your legal situation.

Michael Welsh is a respected British Columbia mediator and trial lawyer with more than three decades of courtroom experience. With recognized legal expertise, knowledge and insight in resolving difficult situations, he can help you deal with your legal problem.

People only seek out a trial lawyer for one reason - they have an important legal problem and they need to know their rights, their legal options and they need a solution.

The law can be very complex. All the relevant facts and your individual situation have to be taken into account and understood in the complete legal context - there are no "one-size fits all" answers. For information on your specific legal problem select the items under the "Litigation Areas" button at the top of this page.

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You may contact Michael Welsh at his offices in Penticton or use the Question or Comment email form at the side of this page.

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